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Argentine national football team:

The Argentine national football team is the national men's team representing Argentina in international football, all activities of which are regulated by the Argentine Football Association, the highest governing body of Argentine football.

Argentina's football team is one of the best teams in the world. We also know that the Argentina football team is represented by the nickname 'La Albiceleste. La Albiceleste represents the color of their jersey 'The white and sky blue'.The national stadium of Argentina is Monumental Antonio V Liberty. Argentina’s Confederation is CONMEBOL(South Africa).

There have many world-class players who belong to Argentina's national football team. Maradona the god of football was their first world-class player. Argentina won their world cup tournaments at the time when Maradona are playing.Batustuta,Pochettino,Havier Machcerano,Diago Simione,Carlos Tevej,Romeo,Aguero was there great players.Messi, the little magician of football is one of the best players of football nowadays. Messi is playing for the Argentina football team. Messi is the captain and topmost goal(81) scorer of Argentina's football team. Lionel Scolani is the head coach of the Argentina football team.

The first match ever recorded for Argentina was against Uruguay on 20 June 1902. This was the first international match for the Argentina football team. That match was held in Montevideo and Argentina won by 6-0 goals. Then the next five or six years, Argentina's national team only played friendly matches against other South American teams. Argentina's football team is participating in the world cup tournament is 17times between 20times. Argentina appeared in the five World Cup finals. In the first final in the first world Cup final in 1930, Uruguay beat Argentina by 4-2 goals. Argentina won their first world cup final in 1978. Argentina beat the Netherlands by 3–1 goals. In this world cup, Maradona has done his great goal, that's we known with the name of 'Hands of God' goal.

Argentina's World Cup-winning managers are Cesar Luis Menotti in this world cup. Next Argentina won their second world cup final in 1986.In this world cup final scored by Diego Maradona. Argentina beat West Germany by 3–2 goals. Carlos Bilardo was their manager in this world cup. Argentina reached the world cup final in 1990. And Argentina lost this final to West Germany. West Germany beat Argentina by 1-0 goals. Those goals are disputed penalty goals. And Then Argentina last reached the World Cup final in 2014. Argentina lost this final by 1–0 goals to the Germany national football team. In this world cup, Messi gets the 'Golden Ball'.

Argentina has been very successful in the tournament of Copa America.Argentina winning this title 15 times. The team also won the FIFA Confederations Cup and the Kirin Cup each in 1992. In 1993, Argentina won Franchi Trophy. Argentina won the Nation's Cup in 1964. Argentina won two times the Olympic football gold medals in 2004 and 2008.

Argentina consists of four positions in the current FIFA rankings. Argentina consists its first position in FIFA rankings in 2007,2015,2016 and 2017. Argentina’s biggest win between the team Ecuador. Argentina beat Ecuador by 12-0 goals in 1942. And biggest defeat by the Czechoslovakia football team in 1958 by 6-1 goals.