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Cricket is originally an English game

Cricket is originally an English game


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Introduction: Cricket is originally an English game. It is very interesting but costly. It has come to our country from England. Now it is played almost all over the world. Cricket is the most popular game in Bangladesh.

Field and Materials: Cricket is played on a big field. Two wooden bats, a ball, and two sets of wickets are needed. Each wicket has three stamps. The wickets are pitched in the ground at a distance of 22 yards. From the 30 yards of the pitch, the circle has a great impact on powerplay rules.

Descriptions: Cricket is played between two teams. The team winning the toss can bat or field first. One team bat and the other team bowls. 2 Batter take their positions before wickets. The bowlers try to strike the wicket with the ball. One of the batters hit the ball with the bat.

When the ball moves away, the two batters run to their opposite wickets. One run is scored. When they change their positions own. Four runs are scored if the hitting ball touches the ground and passes the boundary line. Six runs are scored if it flies over the boundary line without touching the ground. When the ball strikes the wicket, the batter is said to be out. When ten batters are out, the first innings is over. Then the rival team starts batting and proceeds in the same way. The team that scores more runs wins the game. There are two umpires to conduct the game, and there is an umpire called 3rd umpire who stayed outside the field. There is also a match referee for a cricket match.

Types of out: There is 11 kind of out in the cricket game. They are bowled, caught, run out, lbw, stumped, obstructed the field, hit out, handled the ball, time out, hit the ball twice, and retired.

The popularity of cricket: After 4 years, the ICC organized the world cup series between the 12 countries. The t20 format is most popular this time. Every year, many countries organize their domestic leagues with their country's players and the other country. Now cricket is the most popular game in the world.

Conclusion: Cricket is one of the most popular games. It teaches us obedience, co-operation, and discipline.